We understand Quality-of-hire is the most important factor in your recruitment process.
To improve your quality of hire and your recruitment process efficiency, we offer qualified Technical and HR interviewers.
Our QuickHire solution is aimed at simplifying selection process by offering Technical and HR panelists. Vati provides you a panel of Technical and HR interviewers as an additional service. We have supported many clients by conducting Technical and HR interviews as per their specifications.

Benefits of QuickHire:

  • Available pool of qualified interviewers
  • Quick Results
  • Interviewed and shortlisted candidates for your final evaluation

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Manage

Assuming your organization has to fill in 100 positions, you will end up spending over 500 man-hours doing Technical and HR interviews, taking an average of 30 minutes per interview. This excludes time spent by the HR team, People cost and all other related costs around interview coordination.
With QuickHire, more than 50% of the Technical and HR panel’s time is saved with interviewed and shortlisted candidates upfront!

QuickHire Value Proposition

  • Qualified pool of Interviewers:
  • Pre-assessed by you, we have a large qualified network of interviewers who evaluate candidates as per your specifications.

  • Objective process of interviewing:
  • Our team is constantly in sync with the requirements of the Hiring Manager and HR Manager.

  • Productivity:
  • No more wasting precious time in meeting the unsuitable candidates as they will be weeded during our stringent first round of telephonic interview.

  • Better Technical and HR Resource Utilization:
  • Time-to-interview is cut down by almost 50%. The HR Team’s bandwidth which is consumed during coordination and scheduling is also reduced considerably.

  • Cost-Effective:
  • Costs associated with panel travel, accommodation, interview venue and all other associated operational plus infrastructure costs are halved.

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